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Why Do I Get Sad So Easily?

Sadness is usually a response to a situation triggered by other emotions such as anxiety, stress, guilt, grief, hopelessness.

But what does sadness really feel like? And is it possible to get sad easily? Yes, it is normal to feel sad occasionally, and it passes with time.

However, if you feel sad for a long time with no improvement, you are most likely experiencing depression.

Is It Normal To Feel Sad And Not Know Why?

We all feel sad at one point or the other in our lives.

Sometimes this sadness may be triggered by an event or emotion, other times you just feel sad for no particular cause.

Occasionally, sadness is natural and normal, depending on the type of feelings that follow.

If you feel sad without knowing why; it is possible that this may be because of a loss, trauma, stress or perhaps the current change of events in your life.

Growing up, you have so many expectations you hope to accomplish, some of which may go as planned and others not as well as you’d hoped.

For some people, this may just be one of the usual setbacks, while others feel this impact more and start feeling a range of different emotions.

Anxiety, depression, grief, and stress can trigger sadness. These are one of the most common causes of overthinking, negative emotions, and feelings, including sadness.

However, sadness is not depression, and it is perfectly okay to feel sad at some point.

This may be because of personal factors or a type of reflection method used to reflect and come to terms with the present. 

Sometimes sadness may also be overshadowed by another feeling that is so strong that you are unaware of being sad, cases like this are often associated with mood swings and irritability.

Sadness passes with time. This is usually after activities that relieve you. This may include talking to someone, crying, reflecting.

Regardless of the cause of your sadness, it is highly recommended that you relax and focus on activities that take your mind off these feelings, or speak to someone about how you feel.

Am I Depressed By Getting Sad Easily

Feeling sad and being depressed are two different emotions, although they are connected.

Sadness is a part of depression. It is one symptom of depression that is accompanied by other feelings such as anger, irritability, hopelessness, lack of motivation.

You are not getting depressed by being sad easily, but you can be depressed if you constantly dwell in these bouts of sad feelings for a long period.

Sadness is a normal human feeling that everyone experiences, this feeling is triggered by loss, divorce, financial issues or problems that affect your normal mood.

It is most likely to pass away with time after a while. Depression is a mental health disorder that disrupts your daily routine.

Because of its overpowering effect, it can affect anyone, at any age, regardless of the gender. It also alters personal behaviors and attitudes.

It is most likely for someone feeling sad for a long time without improvement to develop depression.

Sadness and depression are both caused by anxiety, stress, grief.

However, while sadness is relatively temporary and may occur every once in a while, depression can become a lifelong issue with debilitating effects.

Treatment for these emotions ranges from online therapy, relaxation techniques, medications to numb the pain, talking to someone about how you feel.

This should be someone you trust and respect.

Why You May Not Know You Are Depressed?

There are several reasons you may not be aware of your depression. A lot of people are still unaware of their depression.

They often confuse it with another condition, mostly stress and fear. Perhaps this is a form of coping mechanism, it varies for every individual.

Some of the reasons why you may not know you are depressed include;

You are not aware that you are depressed and have mistaken the symptoms for something else.

It is also possible that you do not recognize the symptoms and not realize that it is happening to you.

This may be because you are not familiar with the feeling of depression, it could also be because of personal reasons where depression is not an option.

You have been depressed since childhood and have adapted to the symptoms. The feelings now seem normal to you.

Symptoms of depression vary for everyone. Not every individual experiences the same symptoms.

Some may just feel tired, experience disinterest in activities, poor concentration and low energy.

Depression sets in slowly and gradually manifests. You may not know you are depressed until it becomes crippling.

You turn a blind eye; you do not want to admit weakness or face your fears. This makes you ignorant of your depression.

Many people get dismissive about their depression. They feign ignorance because they believe admitting to weakness makes them feel failure.

Symptoms Of Depression

Depression comes in different forms, knowing your prevailing symptoms can help you determine if you are feeling depressed or just sad.

Lack Of Physical Energy Or Fatigue

One of the common symptoms of depression, you feel so tired and do not want to indulge in any activity, including social events.

Changes in Eating Patterns

This includes eating more than necessary and also eating less than required. You may also experience binge eating, loss of appetite, and eating disorders.

Sleep Problems

Depression can keep you awake all night and make you overthink. Insomnia sets in at some point or you sleep too much.

Negative Feelings

Are you familiar with feeling sad? Empty? Lonely? Hopeless or worthless? Excessive guilt?

You feel as though you are not enough, and your best is not good enough? It is very likely that you experience these feelings when you are depressed.

Loss Of Interest

Loss of interest in activities you previously enjoyed and new ones you would like to try.

Depression makes you want to be alone. You do not want to interact with anyone, even family and friends.

Trouble Concentrating

Depression causes overthinking, which leads to problems with concentration. You are constantly thinking of the what-ifs and whatnots?

You become so self-conscious that it affects your self-confidence and esteem.

Heightened Emotions

Irritability, anger, mood swings, anxiety, agitation. These are negative all emotions associated with depression.

Body Aches

Unexplained body aches from overthinking, trouble sleeping and stress can affect your overall health and productivity.

Tips On Taking Care Of Your Mental Health When You Feel Sad

There is a list of recommended mental health care tips used by psychiatrists and mental health issues experts.

This is an approved mental health treatment approach that mostly entails therapy and counseling.

Asides from these, there are simple self-care tips you can follow to take care of your mental health when you feel sad, these are;

Go For A Walk

A stroll or walk is very refreshing. It takes your mind off whatever is bothering you, helps you think more clearly, boosts your energy and improves your mood.

Go for a quick walk or stroll outdoors alone or with a friend, focus on the mindful aspect, slow down your pace, concentrate on your breathing and each step you take.

It will help calm your mind and ease off stress.

Talk To A Family Member Or Friend

This may seem difficult for some people but it works.

Talk to a loved you trust and who understands you when you feel sad or depressed. They may not have the perfect answer but they listen to you and that is one of the best feelings in the world.

It’s nice knowing you’re not alone and you can express yourself and how you feel.

Give Yourself A Break

Depression sets in gradually, it does not just appear. It is always triggered by a buildup of something, stress, fatigue, and anxiety.

Life is full of never ending commitments, responsibilities, and pressure.

Give yourself a break, cut yourself some slack. You’ve come a long way and you should rest when your body and mental health is at stake.

During this process, you can practice relaxation techniques, have fun, and spend time with your loved ones.

Appreciate The Little Things

Sometimes we work ourselves so hard that we cannot see all that we have achieved.

Take a moment and reflect on how far you have come, the minor victories you overlooked because they didn’t seem important.

These are big feats and achievements. You’d be amazed at how these little things go a long way, a positive compliment, some sunlight, your friends and family, a stroll outdoors, the wind in your hair.

There is so much more to enjoy in life, relax and take one day at a time.

It is okay to feel sad every once in a while, but do not dwell there for too long as these emotions can consume you.

Speak to a family, friends, or a counselor, learn to take a break and practice relaxation techniques, go for an outdoor stroll or walk, stop overthinking and take each day at a time.


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