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Why Are My Upper Arms Disproportionately Big?

Flabby arm fats can be annoying, especially when you have tried everything possible without making any progress.

Aside from the fact that they do not make you look fit, it could indicate excessive weight in the body.

However unpleasant that sounds, though, you should not despair yet as this article contains all the information you should have about your arm fats.

Including practical tips that can help you lose them. Get ready to be enlightened. Let’s dive in!

What Are Arm Fats?

Arm fats are exactly what they sound like, the accumulation of fats in the upper arms causing it to look flabby and saggy.

They are flabby fats in the upper arms that make you more self-conscious in your summer clothing, making you wish you could cover up some more.

Although women are more susceptible to having more fats in their bodies than men, arm fats have been seen as an occurrence in both genders.

Research shows that a large percentage of women have at least had surgeries like upper arm lifts to get rid of their arm fats.

Close to 25,000 of them have had cosmetic surgical procedures to give their arms more definition, and that number makes up close to 5000% since the year 2000.

Generally, the part of the body where more fat gets stored is individually determined by genetics.

Some people’s body primarily keeps some of the excess fat in their upper arms.

Arm fats can also be one of those things that are caused by ageing as you grow old and add weight, especially without getting involved in physical activities.

The gained fat accumulates in certain parts of your body, including your upper arm.

Although no definitive studies support the storage of fats in the upper arm.

Some research suggested that the reduced level of testosterone in the body can also be why excess fats accumulate in some parts of the body, like in the upper arm region.

Are Arm Fats Genetic?

Body fats, despite how people might see them as destructive, are entirely normal and needed for all daily body functions.

Fat is necessary for regulating our body temperature, cushioning our organs, and also remains the body’s primary source of energy reserves.

Fat is needed for so many body functions, and they are present in every part of your body. Where fat is present in your body is partly because of genetic.

For example, your mother having arm fats gives a 62% increased chance of you having arm fats too. 

Genetically, women are generally more predisposed to store fats in parts of their body, like the upper arms, the thighs and the belly.

Adipose tissue stored in the extremities is highly hereditary, and your genes may have a more substantial effect on the distribution of fat to your upper body or the lower body.

In a study conducted to determine the relationship between obesity, diabetes, and storage of fats in some parts of the body, observations concluded that the genes have a solid link to the development of these conditions.

Studies further indicate that 37% of the variation between arm and leg fats in women may be because of genetic factors.

This brought about the conclusion that individuals’ genes, particularly females, have a powerful influence on the distribution of fats to certain parts of the body, which includes the lower and upper body.

While your arms fats might result from the accumulated fats in your body, there is also that percentage increase in the number of fat deposits in your body about your genes.

That is, if there happens to be a history of arm fats deposited in your family, there is a 32% chance of you having arm fats.

Why Are My Upper Arms Disproportionately Big?

The reasons for your upper arms can be because of several factors. Some of these factors include:

Weight Gain

The primary reason you have arm fats is because of the accumulation of fats in your body.

When you add weight and take in more calories than you burn.

The excesses accumulate as excess body fats and can, therefore, be stored in different parts of the body.

Over time, this weight accumulates and stores itself in other parts of the body.

Now, while the part of the body where it is stored depends mainly on your body parts, the upper limbs, lower legs, abdomen, and thighs are the significant parts of the body where fats get stored.

Lack Of Physical Activity

Leading a sedentary lifestyle isn’t so much of a bad thing; it mainly becomes detrimental when you gain too much fat without burning them.

Engaging in physical activities is one of the significant ways to shed excess fats in the body.

When you sit at home all day doing nothing for an extended period, you’re bound to see all flabby arms as time goes on.


As we’ve earlier established, the part of your body where fats get stored is highly linked to your genes.

If you’re getting so much unnecessary fat in your arms, your genes might be a secondary cause for that.

Low Testosterone Level

Several factors can cause your testosterone level to plummet, and when this happens, your body may store unnecessary fats and reduce muscle development.

When this happens, your arms suffer the damages, developing a less toned physique and getting flabby and saggy.

The factors that could cause a decrease in your testosterone level include:

  • Stress
  • Poor, unhealthy diet
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Inadequate sleep

Will My Arms Get Smaller If I Lose Weight

Weight loss might be one of the ways to reduce your arm fats, but drastic weight loss can still leave your arms looking flabby and saggy.

Although losing weight will help you lose your arm fats. Without engaging in physical activities to tone your body, you might end up having saggy skin on your arms.

Indeed, the only way to lose your arm fats is through weight loss, but it has to be a comprehensive weight loss program. 

That way, you’ll notice a reduction in your arm fats, as well as other areas of fat deposits.

Easiest Ways To Lose Arm Fat

Losing stubborn body fats can be a lot of work, particularly when it is only located in specific parts like upper limbs.

However, that does not make it impossible. Here are the topmost, straightforward ways to lose your stubborn arm fat:

Overall Weight Loss

As mentioned earlier, for losing your arm fats, an overall weight loss scheme is the way to go.

Some Intensive weight loss programmes are targeted towards overall weight reduction, as well as excess fat removal in different parts of the body.

Exercise Regularly

While you’re burning excess fat, you need to engage in more physical exercises to tone your arm muscles.

Engage in exercises that would help you build muscle mass and also increase strength.

You don’t necessarily have to overwork yourself to do that; weight lifting is a typical example of such exercise.

Other exercises that can help tone your arms and build your muscle mass includes bicep curls, upright rows, overhead presses, overhead tricep extension e.t.c

Eat A More Healthy Diet

This can be done by increasing your fibre intake and taking in more dietary fibre in your meals.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts are examples of high fibre diets that can be included in your everyday meals.

Additionally, reduce the rate of consuming unhealthy processed food with an excessive amount of added sugars.

Junks should be limited or reduced to minimize the rate of fat accumulation in your body. Cut down on refined carbs and focus more on whole-grain meals.

Instead of going for cereals or any processed meals, you can consider whole-grain meals as safer options.

Engage In More Physical Activities

Even if you cannot engage in regular activities, try not to stay at one spot in your home all day.

Move your muscles, take a walk down the Park and get your muscles working.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle has been linked to one of the major causes of excessive weight gain, alongside unhealthy meals.

Lastly, take a trip down to your physical therapist for professional advice on how to stay fit physically and also make your arms more toned.

Take away

Now that you know all you should about your arm fats and how you can get rid of them, I’m sure you will agree with me that there is nothing so unusual about them.

All you need is an effective weight management plan, a healthy meal plan, some essential exercise and a trip to your physical therapist.

I hope this article has enlightened you and also help you with losing your unhealthy arm fats.


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