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Nerve Pain In The Big Toe

Nerve pains in your big toe can arise because of many abnormalities and injuries on any structure of the toes and feet.

If you’ve been experiencing nerve pain in your big toes, the first step towards finding a solution would be to identify the causes of your nerve pain.

While you might not be fully aware of that yet, this article will help you solve that problem.

As you continue reading, you’ll get to understand what could cause nerve pain on your big toe and how to relieve them.

What Nerves Are On The Big Toe?

The peroneal nerve is a branch of sciatic nerves that usually supplies sensation and movement to the toes, foot, and lower limbs.

The personal nerve controls the direction of the legs and coordinates some muscles in the legs that help us lift the ankles and toes.

It advances from the posterolateral side of the knee around the anterolateral side of the lower leg.

It gives articular branches to the knees and the superior tibiofibular joint.

Injuries that affect the personal nerve would hugely affect the nerves and toes like numbness, tingling, pain, weakness, and other problems.

Injuries to the emotional nerves are characterized by distress, numbness in the foot and toes, inability to bend, flex or move your legs and toes comfortably without pain attached.

Trauma, nerve compression, dislocation, knee or leg fracture, and surgery cause these injuries.

Although sometimes damage to the peroneal nerves may recover spontaneously, severe injury or harm can cause irreversible damage on the nerve to occur.

Why Do I Feel Nerve Pain On The Big Toe?

Nerve pain in the big toe might result from malfunctions or damage to the big toe.

The pressure exerted on the foot, or other underlying health conditions like obesity, peripheral neuropathy, and many others.

Although there are many disease conditions associated with constant nerve pain in your big toes.

One of the most common causes of this condition is wearing tight shoes.

Right shoes compress your toes to a tight angle, pushing them inwards into highly uncomfortable positions.

When your toes get squeezed for an extended period and also repeatedly, it becomes a significant problem.

High heels with a narrow base also have a way of causing your big toe to ache a lot.

Asides from the fact that it brings a lot of damage to your toes, it takes your joint and every nearby tissue out of alignment.

The primary reason you experience nerve pain in your big toe is the development of irregularities and unusual conditions that affect the nerves present and other tissues, ligaments, or components that supply sensation and movement to your big toes.

Disease Condition That Cause Nerve Pain In Your Big Toe

While we’ve already established that anything capable of causing misalignment to your toes or affecting regular circulation can be the reason for your nerve pains.

Several disease conditions could be responsible for this. Some of these disease conditions include:

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is any form of damage inflicted on any of the nerves in the body. It occurs when injury or disease damages the peripheral nervous system.

The peripheral nervous system transmits impulses from the body system to the brain through a series of neurons.

Damage to the nerves disrupts the critical link between the body system and the brain, resulting in peripheral neuropathy.

Damage to a single nerve is called mononeuropathy, while damage to several nerves is called multiple polyneuropathy.

Polyneuropathy is the malfunction of countless nerves in the body. Usually, peripheral neuropathy occurs because of repetitive stress or injury.

Repetitive impact on the nerves on a specific body part may cause a tingling sensation, pain, or weakness to that region.

Damage to the nerves in the toes can result from peripheral neuropathy and could be the reason for your nerve pains.

Signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy include numbing, tingling, or pricking sensation in the toes, feet, and arms, which might later spread to the legs and arms.

It could progress to extreme pains, throbbing, muscle weakness, intense sensitivity, and ultimately paralysis.

Individuals are advised to visit a doctor if they experience severe pain, tingling, or numbness in their toes and legs.


Obesity has become a significant global pandemic with a series of medical, social, and economic challenges.

Not only is it known to be an important cause of cardiovascular diseases and a significant challenge for heart health, but it has also been linked to polyneuropathy, popularly known as multiple damages to the nerves.

In several research studies support several reports that obesity is an independent risk factor for polyneuropathy.

How do you think that is linked to the nerve pains on your big toe?

The answer is simple, while obesity can cause nerve damage around your feet and toe, nerve damage can cause aches and discomfort.

Obesity compresses the nerves in your legs and feet, causing damage and posing serious health risks to your overall health.

Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is a condition that affects the nerves in the foot. Although it mainly affects the area between the third and fourth toes, there are cases where the pains extend to other toes in the feet.

Often, when people have Morton’s neurons, they notice numbness and pains on their toes. Toes will feel numb; there will be burn sensations and some pain.

The significant causes of neuroma have not been obvious, but it has been discovered that the primary reason may be poor footwear, foot deformities, and certain high-impact athletic sports.

It’s best to see a doctor when foot pain lasts longer or is reoccurring.

Can Nerve Pain On The Big Toe Cause Permanent Damage To The Foot?

Nerve pain, if left untreated, can lead to permanent damage to the foot.

Pains, tingling, and numbness are early symptoms of nerve damage that should be attended to.

If left unattended for a long while, it progresses to deep pain in the foot and the legs, affecting several nerves.

Because of this, you may gradually lose feeling in your legs and arms.

The sensation numbs, and it becomes harder to feel pain, detect a change in temperature around your feet, tell where your feet are moving to cause an overall loss in balance.

In severe cases, this might lead to amputation of the feet.

How To Treat Nerve Pain On The Big Toe

The remedies for your nerve pains range from easy home remedies to physical therapy, visits to the physician, and surgical interventions, depending on the severity of the condition.

Let us examine these treatments below:

Home Remedies

Some home remedies include reducing movement, and the amount of stress exerted on your legs, avoiding activities that aggravate the workload on your legs and nerves.

  • Wear comfortable shoes that do not displace the position of your toes, ensure that your shoes fit well, and provide support to your legs; they should not be too big, nor should they get too tight.
  • Use ice compressions on the affected areas, gently massage your feet and toes, and this would help relieve the pain temporarily.
  • There are OTC medications that can help relieve your pains; some of them are ibuprofen or naproxen. These medications will help reduce inflammation around your toes and reduce the pain on your big toe.

Another remedy for relieving your nerve pain is physical therapy sessions. This includes simple exercises and stretches that would ease pressure on the nerves.

You can pay a visit to your massage therapist; they will give you instructions on simple activities that you can do at home to help relieve your pains.

Maintain a healthy weight to avoid overexertion of your body weight on your foot and toes.

The early part of this article has explained enough how obesity could cause nerve pain in your toes.

Eat healthily and keep an ideal weight to keep pressure off your feet.

Note that most of the home remedies listed above are for mild nerve pains.

Severe cases require you to visit your physician for more advanced intervention or surgical procedures.

Make an appointment with your physician if your symptoms do not reduce after practicing some of the listed home remedies.

Bottom Line

Let me reiterate this last point simply because it is essential; home remedies cannot cure severe cases of nerve pain.

We’ve seen some secondary disease conditions that could be a reason for nerve pain.

Individuals suffering from such diseases would require more than easy home remedies to eliminate their nerve pains.

Work closely with your physician to get the interventions for your nerve pains if they keep coming back.


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