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Does Vaping Cause Acne?

Recurring acne and skin breakouts can be frustrating, especially when all treatments have proven abortive. This may sometimes be because you’re not paying attention to the root cause.

There are many factors that can contribute to acne, which may include vaping and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Vape devices or e-cigarettes, as they are commonly called, contain certain substance such as nicotine.

Vaping and cigarette smoking share similarities because of the inhalation of vaporized substances. However, cigarettes are far more dangerous.

These substances are harmful to the body and health, as they can cause various diseases, infections, and may even trigger skin irritation.

This is because the chemicals found in vape and cigarettes are processed into fumes and absorbed into the body.

How Does Vaping Cause Acne?

Although there is not enough research yet available on how vaping leads to acne, it still poses a threat to your health and well-being.

Vaping itself does not cause acne, it however has health risks that can affect your skin and lead to breakouts.

The continuous inhaling of vaporized chemicals and substances found in vape devices can cause reduced moisture and dehydration.

Your body is made up of water and other compositions. Fluids are required for proper body function. It not only boosts your immune system but also helps fight against infections.

When smoking or vaping, you increase your risk of developing various heart and lung problems. It is also likely to cause dehydration, which is harmful to your body.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is the use of a vape, a battery-operated device to inhale aerosol. A vape resembles a flash drive that contains liquid substances and other chemicals heated to create a smoking sensation.

This device is different from regular smoking because it heats the liquid, unlike cigarettes which require burning tobacco.

Vapor juice or e-liquid is liquid heated and may contain nicotine and other flavors. This substance is inhaled after it has been processed into fumes.

Nicotine is found in cigarettes and vapes, although it is in lesser amounts in vaping devices.

It is sometimes used as a stimulant to increase and improve heart rate, memory, attention, and motor skills for a short period. But this is only when it is taken in small doses.

The rate of cigarette use and smoking increases every year. It has become very detrimental and affects parts of the body such as the lungs, heart.

Although vaping, compared to smoking, is less harmful to one’s health, this does not mean it is without unhealthy effects and risks. It is only recommended as a gradual treatment process for chronic smokers trying to quit.

What Is Acne?

Acne is a skin inflammatory disease caused by the combination of excess dead skin cells and oil. It affects the face, back, and chest regions of the body. Acne develops when dirt, oil, and dead cells are accumulated in the skin pores.

It is usually signified by a breakout that may be a pimple, whitehead, blackhead, or cyst.

Puberty is the most common prevalent age of onset. At this stage, the body undergoes certain changes and processes of growth that trigger hormonal fluctuations.

There are other factors that can contribute to the occurrence of acne, such as menstruation, stress, and medications. Women are more likely to develop this skin condition than men.

Effects Of Vaping

Vaping or the use of electronic cigarettes is like cigarettes. They both have effects on your medical health and may worsen underlying sickness or trigger new ones. Here are some ways this device affects you.


Nicotine is a substance commonly found in cigarettes and vapes. Its primary aim is to release adrenaline hormone and stimulate dopamine. This increases blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate by interacting with the brain’s reward circuit. This process induces pleasure and can become very addictive.

Lung illness and death

E-cigarettes contain a variety of chemicals that are inhaled during the heating or valorization process. These substances may contain toxic ingredients which, when ingested, can expose your lungs to diseases. This is because there is no way to filter toxins.


Ear, eye, and throat irritation and inflammation is a common side effect prevalent in people who smoke e-cigarettes.


Bloody sores of the mouth and throat are not uncommon. These sores heal slowly and may become life-threatening.

Respiratory problems

Major issues like smoker’s cough or chronic bronchitis that affect the respiratory organs of the body may occur.

Nicotine effects

Nicotine is mostly used because of the short-term pleasure it gives. This, however, leads to more serious issues such as dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. It can be very dangerous when ingested in high doses.

How Is Vaping Associated With Acne?

Vaping is not necessarily associated with acne, however, it may have effects that can be linked to breakouts and other skin problems. Smoking, as well as vape devices, poses a lot of health risks.

For some people, it may be an increase in acne, while others may experience a decrease in breakouts. It is different for everyone. Sometimes it may be the onset of skin conditions for the first time.

Dehydration is also common in smoking patients and this is a leading cause of skin inflammation. When you don’t take enough water and fluids, it makes you susceptible to infections, which may leave your skin feeling dry and patchy.

Vaping And Other Skin Issues

There are other skin conditions that can be triggered by vaping.

E-cigarettes contain chemicals and nicotine which, when in contact with your skin, can lead to problems like dry and flaky skin.

This happens because these substances can break down collagen, a natural supplement found in the skin to keep it firm. Therefore, most chronic smokers who have smoked for many years have lines around the lips.

Premature aging, wrinkles, skin irritation, inflammation, dark circles and reduced wound ability to heal are also other effects of vaping on your body.

Treatment Of Skin Problems Related To Vaping

Quit Smoking

This may seem difficult, but it is usually the best option. It reduces your risk of respiratory diseases, infections and also leads to better, healthier skin. Speak to your doctor about the best option available to help you stop vaping.


Mostly as a lotion or gel, it helps protect your skin from the harsh effects of sunlight and sunburn. This is because excess sunlight is bad for your skin. Sunscreens are applied to areas most exposed to the sun, like your face, arms, neck.


Stress and trouble sleeping can be bad for your skin. Discard irregular patterns of sleep, try to get enough rest and stick to a specific time frame.


There are 3 skin types, normal, dry, and oily. Depending on its type, your skin is more likely to be dry and patched. Moisturizing daily prevents dry skin and breakouts.

Prevention Of Acne Breakouts

Wash your face

Regular cleaning and washing your face helps to remove excess oil, dirt, and sweat. Leaving these substances can affect your skin’s texture because they contain chemicals that are harmful.

Skin type

Choose and use the right products based on your skin type. A typical dry skin needs more moisturizing compared to other types.

Stay hydrated

Your skin needs food just as much as your body does. While drinking enough water and fluids, moisturize daily to keep your skin hydrated.

Limit heavy makeup

Use and stick to oil-free skincare products. Heavy makeup increases your risk of developing acne, breakouts, and other skin conditions.

Avoid touching your face

Your hand goes anywhere, it touches every surface and can pick up dirt and germs while doing this. Constantly touching your face can spread dirt and bacteria from your hands to it.

Do not pop your pimples

Picking and pinching pimples mostly aggravate it and can spread blemishes and leave scars. This can also spread infections, which worsens the situation.

Avoid junks and foods

Oily foods, processed and canned foods have more harm than benefits. Too much of them can lead to both skin and health problems.

Practice stress management techniques

Stress is also a factor responsible for breakouts. This is because, when stressed, you may pick up unhealthy lifestyle choices to help cope with the situation. These decisions can affect your health and well-being.

Limit sun exposure

Direct contact with sunlight can be harsh on your skin. Therefore, you should always use sunscreen when outdoors, and moisturize well.


Vaping can lead to serious, life-threatening situations. It is best to combat addictions early on and gradually limit your smoking to quit. Join a support group to help make it easier, stay hydrated, drink enough fluids, be cautious of your lifestyle routine and how it affects your health and wellbeing.

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